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My Journey in Writing

My name is Lynne Stringer and I love writing! Of course, that’s not all I love. I also love reading books, especially ones that take me out of the every day and into a new world. It doesn’t have to be a completely imaginary world, either. Anything with fascinating characters and interesting storylines will do. My first young adult novel, The Heir, was accepted for publication by Wombat Books and released on 1 June 2013. It is the first book in the Verindon trilogy. It’s so exciting to have a real copy of my book in my hands.

Integrate - Adele  Jones

Fantastic and different novel about a young man who has received radical new therapy to help him overcome a debilitating disease. However, he's then told his treatment is unauthorised and has a fight on his hands just to stay alive. While some of the plot elements went the usual way of such stories, it was still written in such an engaging manner this was a minor concern for me. The protagonist was intriguing and realistically drawn. Definitely a story worth reading.