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My Journey in Writing

My name is Lynne Stringer and I love writing! Of course, that’s not all I love. I also love reading books, especially ones that take me out of the every day and into a new world. It doesn’t have to be a completely imaginary world, either. Anything with fascinating characters and interesting storylines will do. My first young adult novel, The Heir, was accepted for publication by Wombat Books and released on 1 June 2013. It is the first book in the Verindon trilogy. It’s so exciting to have a real copy of my book in my hands.

Shadowed by Grace - Cara Putman

I considered giving this book only two stars, but I liked the two main protagonists, so it slipped into three. However, the story is problematic. For a start, it's way too long. There are so many long, boring passages that go over the same ground again and again, especially concerning the relationship of the two leads and the female protagonist's back story, particularly the situation with her mother and father. While it's important to the plot, the continual going over of the basic situation with no plot advancement made it difficult for the story to hold my interest.
Also, some scenes didn't seem to serve any purpose, particularly the scene where Rachel goes to get some new clothes before she moves out. I assume that this scene was inserted to demonstrate just how dangerous it could be for a woman in this setting, but it seemed to do nothing but make the story that little bit longer, and didn't advance it in any real way. Considering how long it was overall, I think it would have been better if this scene was left out.
Some scenes also seemed a trifle confusing in the way the played out. There was really only one character who could have been responsible for stealing the paintings and so I was expecting the scene that resulted from that, but it was confusingly done. One minute the assailant was unconscious, then he was holding the hero at gunpoint. It was the same in Renaldo's last scene. At least the resolution held no surprises in terms of the relationship between the two leads.