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My Journey in Writing

My name is Lynne Stringer and I love writing! Of course, that’s not all I love. I also love reading books, especially ones that take me out of the every day and into a new world. It doesn’t have to be a completely imaginary world, either. Anything with fascinating characters and interesting storylines will do. My first young adult novel, The Heir, was accepted for publication by Wombat Books and released on 1 June 2013. It is the first book in the Verindon trilogy. It’s so exciting to have a real copy of my book in my hands.

Dark Force Rising

Dark Force Rising - Timothy Zahn Given the difficulties of writing a book that falls within a particular framework, such as the intricate and often specifically directed world of Star Wars and its primary characters, I feel that Timothy Zahn has done well.
I liked this book better than the first book in this series, but not as much as The Last Command, which is my favourite of the three of them. Dark Force Rising was entertaining and kept me reading (I do tend to get bored easily, so making me turn the page can be quite a feat!) and I was interested to know what happened next. I was already interested in characters like Mara Jade, Talon Kaarde and Grand Admiral Thrawn from the first book, and I was pleased with their continued development in this one.