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My Journey in Writing

My name is Lynne Stringer and I love writing! Of course, that’s not all I love. I also love reading books, especially ones that take me out of the every day and into a new world. It doesn’t have to be a completely imaginary world, either. Anything with fascinating characters and interesting storylines will do. My first young adult novel, The Heir, was accepted for publication by Wombat Books and released on 1 June 2013. It is the first book in the Verindon trilogy. It’s so exciting to have a real copy of my book in my hands.


Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne After enjoying Catching Fire, I was looking forward to reading Mockingjay, but it was a little disappointing. For a start, I felt that this series excelled when the Hunger Games was in process, but this book doesn't have one, and I felt its loss. Still, the developments in the first half of the book were engaging and interesting, although the second half I found odd. It genuinely felt like Ms Collins was deliberately targeting loved characters, rather than having a plot-driven reason for the deaths. I know in war it can be a crap-shoot as to who dies or not, but it did seem as if there were specific targets.
I found the climax weird. The scene immediately after the explosion confused me at first and I was thinking it was a dream sequence. Then it became all too real, but it felt like a chunk of the story had been left out, like Ms Collins had run out of ideas or grown bored with the story and decided to stop writing. I didn't have a problem with the epilogue so much, as I felt it demonstrated the effect that kind of trauma is likely to have on a person.
Overall, I felt it was a lacklustre conclusion to the trilogy.